Brief History of The New Head Ofice

Brief History of The New Head Ofice
In 2001, under the administration of Very Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh, the General Assembly Council (G A C), decided to relocate the Head Office to Kutunse, where a parcel of land about Twenty (20) acres had been purchased by the then past Moderator, late Very Rev. A .A. Beeko’s administration.

Mr. E. O. Adjetey of Planarchitects was mandated to produce drawings for the new Head Office to be located at Kutunse. Later on in 2002, anothernew idea of moving the Head Office to Kuku Hill came up for discussion. Kutunse at the time was not well developed and also access to the place was by the single road through Achimota which was always heavily traffic jammed. Once again, Mr. E. O. Adjetey was tasked to produce another drawingfor that of Kuku Hill, with provision for underground parking lot. That was all what was done during the Very Rev. Dr. Sam Prempeh’s administration as far as the new Head Office was concerned.

Then came the administration of Very Rev. Dr. Yaw Frimpong –Manso’s administration in 2004, and the discussions of the new Head Office continued. During that period the G A C, took a firm decision to build the new Head Office at Kutunse. In 2006, there was a sod-cutting ceremony to begin the Head Office project at Kutunse, but nothing went past that ceremony.

All along, the Head Office hada guest house which our partners have been patronizing whenever they were in the country. It got to a point that they decided to use other hotels than to use our guest house, due to the bad state of the structure. Based on this and other factors, Very Rev. Dr. Yaw Frimpong-Manso’sadministration decided the Head Office put up a new guest house through internal resources. Mr. E. O. Adjetey was once again called in to produce the drawings for the guest house project. This is how this new Head Office began. At the time when Very Rev. Dr. Yaw FrimpongManso was leaving office, the structure was at an advance stageof four levelthough, but the contractor had stopped working because he could not be paid.

The Moderator, Rt. Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey came to office in 2010 to inherit a debt to the contractor on this project, which was then at the forth level. Nothing happened to that project, until June, 2013, G A C meeting at Abokobi. During that meeting, a Committee of FIVE was sent to Kuku Hill and given the task of looking at the structure as it was and report to the G A C,whether it should be remodeled for offices, campus for P U C, or the original plan be maintained.

Based on the report from that Committee, the G A C finally decided that, that structureberemodeled for the new P C G Head Office. The Projects & Investment Committee was therefore tasked to work on the project with the mandate of looking for funds to achieve the target.

At the 2013 General Assembly at Abetifi, a formal mandate was given to the Projects & Investment Committee by a decision, to go for a loan facility in the name of the Church to facilitate the project.

The Project& Investment Committee contracted a new architect, Mr. Wilson FrimpongApenten to handle the remodeling by consulting with Mr. E. O. Adjetey the original architect of the project. The Committee approached the H F C Bank for a loan facility for the construction. Originally, the structure was a four (4) level structure, but the Committee based on professional advice, decided to add a fifth floor, to enable that last floor to be commercialized.

Meanwhile, the Contractor originally working on the project, Nichona Construction Limited, was maintained to work onthe project till completion. The Committee went to the H C F for a bond facility of Five Million Ghana Cedis (G H S 5,000,000.00), initially but had to secure another Two Miilion Ghana Cedis (G H S 2,000,000.00) to complete the entire work.