The Presbyterian Church of Ghana School of Leadership and Church Management previously known as the May School of Church Management (MSCM) is a management training programme carefully designed for Ordained Ministers of the Church.

The School aims at helping Ordained Ministers of the PCG to manage God’s business professionally, communicate effectively, lead, mobilize, energize and align their constituents to the agenda of the Church.

The School which is organized annually was first held in May 2007 at the Presbyterian Women’s Centre, Abokobi. Since then, Ten (10) Schools have been successfully held.


  • The idea of a School was conceived as a response to the overwhelming need for Ministers of the Church to manage God’s business with professionalism.
  • To build the capacity of Minister’s to meet the numerous challenges of ministry.
  • To ensure that Ministers can communicate effectively.
  • To enhance the Leadership Skills of Ministers to lead the flock.
  • For Minister to have a good image of themselves and Church.
  • Enable Ministers plan strategically to improve the Church.

The PCG School of Leadership and Church Management currently admits only Ordained Ministers of the Church.




  • Timing
The School is organized in the month of May or July on weekly basis in three (3) (1, 2, and 3) modules. Each module covers a key and relevant area of Leadership and Management.

Each Ordained Minister of the Church is required to select a week of his/her choice during the agreed period in May or July.

Upon completion of all three (3) modules within a period of three (3) years, the Minister earns a Certificate of Participation.

  • Venue for the school
Currently, the School is organized at the Presbyterian Women’s Centre, Abokobi on a residential basis.

  • Resource persons
The Resource Persons are highly qualified and experienced Lecturers who lecture in some of Ghana’s top Universities and they are mostly Presbyterians. Others include Senior or experienced Ministers who have served in key leadership positions in the Church.


  • Funding
The School is funded through highly subsidized fees paid by the participants or by their respective Courts of the Church.

  • Modules

Module 1

  • Leadership
  • ICT *
  • General Management
  • Communication Skills *
  • Image Building
  • Ecumenism
  • Practical Issues in Church Management
  • Reformed Studies
  • Counseling
  • Gender Studies
Module 2

  • Reformed Studies
  • Project Planning and Mgt.
  • Leadership *
  • ICT
  • Mission and Money *
  • Human Resource Management
  • Stress Management
  • Financial Management
  • Mobilizing the Youth for Ministry in PCG*
  • Communication Skills *
  • Practical Issues in Church Management
Module 3

  • ICT
  • Reformed Studies
  • Preparing for Retirement
  • Communication Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Legal Issues
  • Leadership
  • Human Relations & Interpersonal Skills
  • Contemporary Issues in Ghanaian Christianity *
  • Practical Issues in Church Management
  • Managing Contemporary Charismatic Gifts *
* Note: Newly Introduced Courses

The modules are periodically reviewed to meet the challenges of the times.



Ordained Ministers of the PCG are required to:

  1. pick an application form from their respective Presbytery Offices or the PCG Head Office or download it from the PCG website,
  2. forward the completed application form to the Director, Administration and Human Resource Management (AHRM) at the PCG Head Office.
Applicants are then invited to participate in the School with further detailed information on the course.


With a total population of nearly 1400 Ministers, only 338 Ministers have so far graduated from the School over the 10 year period of its existence.



  • Owing to financial Constraints, Ministers from deprived areas find it difficult to raise money to attend the School.
  • The School does not pay the Resource Persons adequately for the services rendered.
  • So far, Ministers who complete the programme are given Certificate of Participation. This does not make the School attractive since the Certificate is not recognized beyond the borders of the School.
  • Inability to decentralize the organization of the School.


In line with the financial challenges mentioned, it has become necessary therefore to seek sponsorship to support the School.

For the year 2018, the cost of sponsoring a Minister to attend the School is One Thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢1000).

The School will be pleased to receive sponsorship from benevolent persons who wish to support Ordained Ministers from deprived areas to successfully participate in the School.

Sponsorship can be paid into the PCG Head Office Ghana Commercial Bank Account No. 2091130001223

Contact the Director of Finance on Mob: 0244973814 /0206952228 for further clarifications with regards to the sponsorship.




For further enquiries, please contact the Director, AHRM,

PCG Head Office

Mission Street,

Kuku Hill, Osu,

Accra. Tel: 0302 662 511/664761

Mob: 0204 617333/0244 617333

or the Human Resource Manager on Mob: 020 2841803/0244 933249.